Expert Guests, Expansive Topics, Extolling Christ


Bump music from today’s show:

Viva “Viva la Vida” by Cold Play
A Mighty Fortress - Closer Walk With Thee - Christian Instrumentals “A Mighty Fortress” by Christopher West
Justified - Read What's Written “Justified” by Drea
Not Guilty - George Harrison (Bonus Track Version) [Remastered] “Not Guilty” by George Harrison
The Old Country Church - The Unreleased Recordings “The Old Country Church” by Hank Williams
Getting Better - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band “Getting Better” by The Beatles
Holier Than Thou - Metallica “Holier Than Thou” by Metallica
Politics, Religion and Her - Politics, Religion and Her “Politics, Religion and Her” by Sammy Kershaw
Mr. Politician - Born Inna Babylon “Mr. Politician” by YT
Politician - EP Volume “Politician” by Kora

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