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2161. Renaissance Humanism and Luther’s Early Reforms – Dr. Timothy Dost, 8/4/17

Dr. Timothy Dost of Concordia Seminary-St. Louis

Renaissance Humanism in Support of the Gospel in Luther’s Early Correspondence: Taking All Things Captive

3552. How Art Traces the Decline of the West – Pr. Peter Burfeind, 12/20/16

burfeindPr. Peter Burfeind of Holy
Cross Lutheran-Toledo, Ohio

Gnostic America
The West Began Its Decline When Artists Stopped Putting Halos on Jesus

3. Issues, Etc. Reformation Week: The Lutheran Reformation and Science – Dr. Angus Menuge, 10/31/14

Dr. Angus Menuge of Concordia University-Wisconsin

1. A Christian Renaissance – Dr. Os Guinness, 8/6/14

GuinnessOs Guinness of the Trinity Forum

“Renaissance: The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times” by Os Guinness