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0752. Divorce – Dr. Diane Medved, 3/16/17

Dr. Diane Medved, author, “Don’t Divorce”

Don’t Divorce: Powerful Arguments for Saving and Revitalizing Your Marriage

3. The Vatican’s Synod on the Family – Dr. James Hitchcock, 10/21/15

hitchcockDr. James Hitchcock of St. Louis University

4. Evangelical Compromise on Divorce & How Does the Story of Sodom Apply to Homosexuality? – Dr. Robert Gagnon, 4/4/13

Dr. Robert Gagnon of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

“The Bible and Homosexual Practice” by Robert Gagnon

Issues, Etc. WEB EXTRA

Media Coverage of Divorce and Remarriage

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway of Christianity Today

Throwing Inkwells