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3473. The Salvation Army – Dr. Alvin Schmidt, 12/13/17

schmidtDr. Alvin Schmidt of
Illinois College

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cults, Sects, and World Religions: Revised and Updated Edition

Encore: The Danger of Rejecting Lenten Practices – Pr. Todd Peperkorn, 2/9/16

peperkornPr. Todd Peperkorn of
Holy Cross Lutheran-Rocklin, CA

The Crux of the Matter

1. Christian Vocation and Giving Tuesday – Pr. Brian Flamme, 12/23/14

flammePr. Brian Flamme of Hope Lutheran-Aurora, CO

3. Christianity and Poverty – Pr. Steve Schave, 7/18/14

schavePr. Steve Schave, Director of Urban and Inner City Mission for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Urban and Inner City Mission

1. A Decline in Charitable Giving to Churches – Pr. Heath Curtis, 6/25/14

Pr. Heath Curtis of Trinity Lutheran-Worden, IL

“Daily Divine Service Book” by Heath Curtis (hardback)
“Daily Divine Service Book” by Heath Curtis (paperback)
All Daily Divine Service Book Volumes
“Ordering Our Days in His Peace: An Introduction to the Christian Church Year” by Heath Curtis

5. The 50th Anniversary of The War on Poverty and Its Effect on the Church’s Mercy Work- Pr. Larry Beane, 1/9/14

beanePr. Larry Beane of Salem Lutheran-Gretna, LA

Wittenberg Academy

A New Jersey Church Allowing  Attendees
to Take Money Out of the Offering Plate

Audio Open Lines