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2. Understanding Christian End Times Teachings – Ken Samples, 1/29/14

SamplesKen Samples of Reasons to Believe

Reasons to Believe
“Christian Endgame: Careful Thinking about the End Times” by Ken Samples
“7 Truths that Changed the World” by Ken Samples
“A World of Difference: Putting Christian Truth-Claims to the Worldview Test” by Ken Samples
“Without a Doubt: Answering the 20 Toughest Faith Questions” by Ken Samples

2. Responding to Dr. Thomas Ice’s Rapture Theology – Dr. Kim Riddlebarger, 6/19/12

Dr. Kim Riddlebarger of the White Horse Inn

“A Case for Amillenialism” by Kim Riddlebarger
“Jesus Christ: the Sum and Substance of Biblical Prophecy” by Kim Riddlebarger 

1. Rapture Theology – Dr. Thomas Ice & Listener Reaction, 6/18/12

Dr. Thomas Ice of the Pre-Trib Research Center

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Millennium

Pastor Jonathan Fisk of St. John’s Lutheran-Springfield, PA
Pastor Michael Walther of Good Shepherd Lutheran-Collinsville, IL


Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions