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0051. Natural Marriage Legislation in 2018 – Brian Brown, 1/5/18

brownBrian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage

National Organization for Marriage

2354. Embryo Adoption – Katie Schuermann, 8/24/17

schuermannKatie Schuermann, author, “He Remembers the Barren”

Why The Embryo Adoption Industry Is Not Pro-Life
He Remembers the Barren

3502. Abortion and the Adoption Option – Joy Pullmann, 12/15/16

PullmannJoy Pullmann, Managing Editor of The Federalist

Joy Pullmann’s Columns at The Federalist

3. An Infertile Couple’s Perspective on the Planned Parenthood Videos – Katie Schuermann, 8/13/15

schuermannKatie Schuermann, author
“He Remembers the Barren”

He Remembers the Barren
The Choir Immortal
How an Infertile Couple Experiences the Planned Parenthood Videos

1. Adoption – Pr. Chris Esget, 6/5/14

Pastor Chris Esget of Immanuel Lutheran-Alexandria, VA

LCMS 2015 Life Conference

1. Concerns about Evangelical Adoption Programs – Dr. Russell Moore, 11/1/13

Dr. Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee

3. “Unwanted” Children and Adoption – Dr. James Lamb, 9/17/12

Dr. James Lamb of Lutherans for Life

Lutherans for Life

4. Abortion Exceptions for Rape, Incest and the Life of the Mother – Jay Watts, 8/21/12

Jay Watts of Life Training Institute

Life Training Institute
“The Case for Life” by Scott Klusendorf

1. Rape and Abortion – Rebecca Kiessling, 8/21/12

Rebecca Kiessling, Author  ”Conceived in Rape: A Story of Hope”

Adoption, with Pr. Joel Fritsche, 11/16/2011

Pastor Joel Fritsche of Zion Lutheran-Staunton, IL

Higher Things Magazine

Media Coverage of Josh Hamilton’s Reaction to the Death of
a Fan & Illinois Civil Unions, Catholic Charities and Adoption

Bobby Ross, Jr. of GetReligion.org


Illinois, Catholic Charities and Civil Union Adoptions

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute

It Takes a Family to Raise a Village Conference
Website for The Ruth Institute
Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse’s Blog


Gay Adoption & Catholic Charities, and Jack Kevorkian’s Legacy

Colleen Carroll Campbell of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Website for Colleen Carroll Campbell
The Barbarism of Dr. Death by Colleen Carroll Campbell

goegleinAlternatives to Abortion

Tim Goeglein of Focus on the Family


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