0511. Looking Forward to Sunday Morning (3 Year Lectionary): Transfiguration – Dr. Carl Fickenscher, 2/20/17

fickenscher copyDr. Carl Fickenscher of
Concordia Theological
Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN


Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne

0485. Issues, Etc. Soundbite of the Week, 2/17/17

Soundbite of the Week


1 Rebekah Curtis, Identity Politics and Feminism
2 Pr. Chris Rosebrough, If Modern-Day Prophets Were Baseball Players
3 Suzanne Venker, Alpha Females and Marriage
4 Pr. Tom Eckstein, Having Same-Sex Attraction vs. Affirming Same-Sex Attraction

0484. Gnosticism and White Male Privilege – Pr. Peter Burfeind, 2/17/17

burfeindPr. Peter Burfeind of Holy
Cross Lutheran-Toledo, Ohio


Gnostic America
Gnostic America blog

0483. The US House Overturns an Obama Administration Protection for Funds to Abortion Providers – Carol Tobias, 2/17/17

tobiasCarol Tobias, President of
National Right to Life


National Right to Life

0482. Religious Liberty and SOGI Laws – Dr. Ryan Anderson, 2/17/17

andersonDr. Ryan Anderson of
the Heritage Foundation


How to Think About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Policies and Religious Freedom
The Heritage Foundation
Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom

0481. President Trump’s Press Conference, the Media, and the Deportation of Illegal Immigrants – Mollie Hemingway, 2/17/17

mollieMollie Hemingway
of The Federalist


Mollie Hemingway’s Federalist Articles

Encore: Sixteenth Century Reformer Philip Melanchthon – Dr. Ken Schurb, 2/16/17

schurbDr. Ken Schurb of Zion
Lutheran-Moberly, MO


Encore: Looking Forward to Sunday Morning: Sexigesima (1-Year Lectionary) – Pr. David Petersen, 2/16/17

Pastor David Petersen of Redeemer Lutheran-Ft.Wayne, IN


“God With Us” by David Petersen
Gottesdienst: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgy

0475. Repealing Common Core – Joy Pullmann, 2/16/17

Joy Pullmann, Managing Editor of The Federalist


Joy Pullmann’s Columns at The Federalist
The Education Invasion: How Common Core Fights Parents for Control of American Kids

0474. A New Pew Survey on American Attitudes Toward Various Religious Groups – Terry Mattingly, 2/16/17

tmattTerry Mattingly of
the Universal Syndicate


Pop Goes Religion: Faith in Popular Culture

0473. The Church of England’s Rejection of a Report on Same-Sex Relationships – Bishop Keith Ackerman, 2/16/17

ackermanBishop Keith Ackerman of The Anglican Church in North America


0472. The Movie, “Fences” – Pr. Ted Giese, 2/16/17

giesePr. Ted Giese of Mount
Olive Lutheran-Regina,


The Movie, “Fences”

0471. Worry and Prayer – Pr Bryan Wolfmueller, 2/16/17

wolfyPastor Bryan Wolfmueller of Hope Lutheran-Aurora, CO


Has American Christianity Failed?
Everyone’s Luther

0463. Alpha Females and Marriage – Suzanne Venker, 2/15/17

venkerSuzanne Venker, author
“The Alpha Female’s Guide
to Men and Marriage”


The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men and Marriage: How Love Works
The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know — and Men Can’t Say

0462. A Scientific Panel Recommends Research into Genetically Modified Human Embryos – Dr. David Prentice, 2/15/17

Dr. David Prentice of the Charlotte Lozier Institute


The Charlotte Lozier Institute

0461. Two New York Times Opinion Columns on Islam – Dr. Alvin Schmidt, 2/15/17

schmidtDr. Alvin Schmidt of
Illinois College


Great Divide: Failure of Islam and Triumph of the West
How Christianity Changed the World

Encore: Third Century Martyr Valentine – Pr. Will Weedon, 2/14/17

weedonPr. Will Weedon, Director of Worship for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod


Celebrating the Saints
The Altar Guild Manual

Christ-Centered, Cross-Focused Talk Radio