Encore: The 45th Anniversary of a Walkout Staged by Faculty and Students at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis – Dr. Karl Barth, 2/19/19

Dr. Karl Barth, President Emeritus of Concordia Seminary-St. Louis

0503. Abortion Cases Possibly Headed for the Supreme Court – Hadley Arkes, 2/19/19

arkesDr. Hadley Arkes of Amherst College

The James Wilson Institute
Natural Rights and the Right to Choose
Constitutional Illusions and Anchoring Truths: The Touchstone of the Natural Law

0502. Martin Luther’s Lectures on the Book of Genesis – Dr. John Maxfield, 2/19/19

Dr. John Maxfield of Concordia University-Edmonton

0501. Teaching a Sunday School Lesson: Jesus Calls Philip and Nathanael – Pr. Tom Baker, 2/19/19

Pr. Tom Baker of Law and Gospel

Growing in Christ
Law and Gospel with Tom Baker

0500. Morning Chapel from Kramer Chapel, 2/19/19

chapelFebruary 19, 2019

0492. A Biography of 16th Century Reformer Martin Luther – Dr. Paul Maier, 2/18/19

maierDr. Paul Maier of Western Michigan University

The Constantine Codex (Skeleton Series)

0491. Looking Forward to Sunday Morning (Three-Year Lectionary): Seventh Sunday of Epiphany – Dr. Carl Fickenscher, 2/18/19

fickenscher copyDr. Carl Fickenscher of Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN

Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne

0490. Morning Chapel from Kramer Chapel, 2/18/19

chapelFebruary 18, 2019

0462. Sixteenth Century Reformer Philipp Melanchton – Dr. Ken Schurb, 2/15/19

schurbDr. Ken Schurb Director of the Central Illinois District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

0461. The Lutheran Confessions: Luther’s Small Catechism, The Lord’s Prayer, “Forgive Us Our Trespasses as We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us” – Pr. Paul McCain, 2/15/19

Pastor Paul McCain of Concordia Publishing House

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions
The Online Book of Concord

0460. Morning Chapel from Kramer Chapel, 2/15/19

chapelFebruary 15, 2019

0453. Explaining Support for Infanticide – Pr. Hans Fiene, 2/14/19

Pr. Hans Fiene of River of Life Lutheran-Channahon, IL

Lutheran Satire
Hans Fiene’s columns at The Federalist

0452. Media Coverage of the Covington Diocese’s Investigation of a Viral Confrontation Involving Catholic High School Students – Terry Mattingly, 2/14/19

Terry Mattingly of the Universal Syndicate

Pop Goes Religion: Faith in Popular Culture

0451. Pastors and Their People: Applying the Bible to the Life of the Church, Baptism for Delinquent Members – Pr. Randy Asbury and Pr. William Terjesen, 2/14/19

Pr. Randy Asburry of Hope Lutheran-St. Louis, MO
Pr. William Terjesen of Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer-Peekskill, NY

Encore: Saint Valentine, Martyr – Dr. Joel Elowsky, 2/14/19

Joel photoDr. Joel Elowsky of
Concordia Seminary-St. Louis

0450. Morning Chapel from Kramer Chapel, 2/14/19

chapelFebruary 14, 2019

0443. Academic Leaders Call the United Methodist Church to Accept Homosexuality – John Lomperis, 2/13/19

John Lomperis of the Institute on Religion and Democracy

The Institute on Religion and Democracy

0442. Parental Rights and Transgender Affirmation – Margot Cleveland, 2/13/19

Margot Cleveland of Notre Dame University

Margot Cleveland’s Articles at The Federalist

0441. Marriage and Divorce: Practical Advice – Pr. David Petersen, 2/13/19

Dr. David Petersen of Redeemer Lutheran-Ft. Wayne, IN

God With Us
Gottesdienst: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgy

“O Lord, Throughout These Forty Days” by Concordia Publishing House

“My Kind of Town” by Frank Sinatra

“Chicago” by Frank Sinatra

“It Was Jesus” by Johnny Cash

“Call and Answer” by the Barenaked Ladies

0440. Morning Chapel from Kramer Chapel, 2/13/19

chapelFebruary 13, 2019

0434. Responding to Listener Email and the Issues, Etc. Comment Line, 2/12/19

emailAudio Open Lines

0433. Reformation Insights into Social Media – Pr. Trevor Sutton, 2/12/19

suttonPr. Trevor Sutton,
author, “Clearly Christian”

Mr. Zuckerberg, Meet Martin Luther
Inclined to Boast: Social Media and Self-Justification
Clearly Christian: Following Jesus in This Age of Confusion
Authentic Christianity: How Lutheran Theology Speaks to a Postmodern World
Being Lutheran

0432. Christian Higher Education – Dr. Scott Ashmon, 2/12/19

Dr. Scott Ashmon of Concordia University-Irvine, CA

The Idea and Practice of a Christian University

0431. Teaching a Sunday School Lesson: The Temptation of Jesus – Pr. Tom Baker, 2/12/19

Pr. Tom Baker of Law and Gospel

Growing in Christ
Law and Gospel with Tom Baker

Christ-Centered, Cross-Focused Talk Radio