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2472. The Prophet Moses – Professor Tom Egger, 9/4/18

eggerProfessor Tom Egger
of Concordia Seminary
-St. Louis, MO

0321. Introducing the Books of the Bible: Numbers – Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller, 2/1/18

wolfyPastor Bryan Wolfmueller of Hope Lutheran-Aurora, CO

Everyone’s Luther: Prefaces to the Books of the Bible
Has American Christianity Failed?

Encore: Moses – Dr. David Adams, 9/4/14

adamsDr. David Adams of Concordia Seminary-St. Louis, MO

2. Moses – Dr. Joel Heck, 9/4/13

Dr. Joel Heck of Concordia University-Texas

“In the Beginning, God: Creation from God’s Perspective” by Joel Heck