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2932. C.S. Lewis on Politics and Public Affairs – Dr. Justin Buckley Dyer, 10/19/16

Dr. Justin Buckley Dyer of the University of Missouri

C. S. Lewis on Politics and the Natural Law

1. Twentieth Century Christian Author and Apologist C. S. Lewis – Pr. Mark Pierson, 7/11/14

Pr. Mark Pierson of St. Paul Lutheran-Long Beach, CA

The Theme of Joy in the Narnia Series, with Pr. Sam Schuldheisz, 12/14/2011

Pastor Samuel Schuldheisz of Redeemer Lutheran-Huntington Beach, CA

Christian Symbolism in C.S. Lewis’ “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”

Will Vaus of the University of Virginia

“Mere Theology” by Will Vaus
“The Professor of Narnia” by Will Vaus
“The Hidden Story of Narnia” by Will Vaus