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1872. Romans 13 on Christians and Governing Authorities – Dr. Michael Middendorf, 7/6/18

middendorfDr. Michael Middendorf of Concordia University Irvine

Concordia Commentary: Romans 1-8
Concordia Commentary: Romans 9-16

3021. Idolatry and Good Government – Rebekah Curtis, 10/28/16

curtisRebekah Curtis , coauthor, “Ladylike: Living Biblically”

Why Power-Mongers Want You Worshipping America Instead Of Worshipping God
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1. The Vocations of Civil Authority and Citizen – Pr. Peter Bender, 7/5/13

Pr. Peter Bender of Peace Lutheran-Sussex, WI

Concordia Catechetical Academy

1. A Christian Response to Election Losses – Pr. George Borghardt, 1/14/13

Pastor George Borghardt of Zion Lutheran-McHenry, IL

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