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2382. A Washington Post Column “Reinventing Religion -with Romance Novels” – Katie Schuermann, 8/27/18

Katie Schuermann, author, Anthems of Zion Series

Anthems of Zion Series

2. Christian Fiction – Katie Schuermann, 11/13/15

schuermannKatie Schuermann, author
“The Choir Immortal”

The Choir Immortal

1. Are Factual and Religious Beliefs Different? – Dr. Angus Menuge, 10/22/14

Dr. Angus Menuge of Concordia University-Wisconsin

1. Can Children Exposed to Religion Tell Fact from Fiction? – Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, 8/12/14

Dr. John Warwick Montgomery of Patrick Henry College

“Christ as Centre and Circumference” by Dr. John Warwick Montgomery
International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights
Other books by Dr. John Warwick Montgomery