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2783. The History of the Eugenics Movement – Dr. Garland Allen, 10/5/17

Dr. Garland Allen of Washington University

The Influence of the Eugenics Movement on American Life and Culture

2914. The 100th Anniversary of Planned Parenthood – Marilyn Musgrave, 10/17/16

Marilyn Musgrave of
The Susan B. Anthony List

The Susan B. Anthony List

2. The Darwinist Roots of the Nazi Worldview – Dr. Richard Weikart, 8/28/15

weikartDr. Richard Weikart of
California State University

From Darwin to Hitler

1. The Early Marketing of Abortion – Dr. Peter Scaer, 1/22/15

Dr. Peter Scaer of Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN

Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne

Planned Parenthood Founder Margarget Sanger’s Propaganda Campaign

Dr. Allan Carlson of The Howard Center

The Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society