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1364. This Week in Pop-Christianity: A Trump/Cyrus Coin Offered by Jim Bakker and Lance Wallnau – Pr. Chris Rosebrough, 5/16/19

rosebroughPr. Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith

Fighting for the Faith

1203. Introducing the Books of the Bible: Ezra – Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller, 4/30/18

Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller of Hope Lutheran-Aurora, CO

Everyone’s Luther: Prefaces to the Books of the Bible
Has American Christianity Failed?

0714. Comparing President Donald Trump to the Old Testament’s King Cyrus – Dr. Andrew Steinmann, 3/12/18

steinmannDr. Andrew Steinmann of
Concordia University-Chicago

The Concordia Commentary on 1 Samuel
The Concordia Commentary on 2 Samuel
Prepare the Way of the Lord
The Concordia Commentary on Daniel
From Abraham to Paul: A Biblical Chronology
Concordia Commentary: Ezra & Nehemiah
Concordia Commentary: Proverbs