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Rev. Matt Harrison, President of the LCMS

Don’t forget to register to vote in the LCMS presidential election!

Your LCMS congregation has been mailed an official voter registration form from the LCMS Office of the Secretary.

Each LCMS congregation (or multi-point parish) must register their pastor and lay voter with the LCMS Office of the Secretary by Sunday, March 24, 2019.

If your congregation does not register its voters by March 24, your congregation can’t vote in the presidential election.

When it is nearly time for the voters to cast their votes for the LCMS President, a special postcard will be sent to all voters via U.S. mail on or about June 7, 2019, to alert them to an envelope that will be sent from Election-America on or about June 10, 2019, via U.S. mail.
LCMS Bylaw

The Secretary of the Synod shall compile and maintain the voters list for the election of the President of the Synod. This list and any of its parts shall not be disseminated.

This voters list shall include:
1) The pastor of each member congregation or multi-congregation parish
2) A layperson from the congregation or parish

The congregation will be responsible to present to the Secretary of the Synod 90 days prior to the election a proper credentials form provided by the Secretary, signed by two of the congregation’s officers. If a congregation or parish has more than one pastor eligible to vote, the congregation shall designate on the credentials form which pastor will cast a vote on behalf of the congregation.

If one or both delegates are unavailable, congregations shall be provided opportunity to select substitute voters up to a deadline designated by the Secretary.

If previously-registered voters need to be changed, this may be done until June 15, 2019 by filling out the Voter Update Form or the Substitute Voter Form below.
Questions should be directed to the Secretary’s Office:
Substitute Voter Form
Voter Update Form