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3063. An Update on the November Elections – Mark and Mollie Hemingway, 11/1/16

molliehemingwayMollie Hemingway
of The Federalist
Mark Hemingway
of The Weekly

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2992. Worldview Watch: The Morality of Wikileaks – Pr. Jonathan Fisk, 10/25/16

fiskPr. Jonathan Fisk of
Worldview Everlasting

Broken: 7 ‘Christian’ Rules Every Christian Ought to Break as Often as Possible
Worldview Everlasting

3. A Christian Response to Hacktivism – Doug Groothuis, 5/27/14

Dr. Douglas Groothuis of Denver Seminary

“Christian Apologetics” by Doug Groothuis
“The Soul in Cyberspace” by Doug Groothuis