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1. The Debate Over Gender-Neutral Bathrooms – Aaron Wolf, 4/20/16

10620082_10152739184074341_8373620983569972832_oAaron Wolf of
Chronicles Magazine

Chronicles Magazine
See Dick Potty

3. The LGBT Industrial Complex – Rod Dreher, 12/15/15

dreherRod Dreher of The American Conservative

The Next Culture War Front

2. The Church’s Response to Transgenderism – Dr. Robert Gagnon, 10/22/15

Gagnon 5Dr. Robert Gagnon of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics
Robert Gagnon’s Website

2. Feminist God Language – Pr. Mark Surburg, 9/18/15

surburgPr. Mark Surburg of Good Shepherd Lutheran-Marion, IL

1. Transgender Regret – Walt Heyer, 8/26/15

heyerWalt Heyer, author
“Gender, Lies and Suicide”

Transgender Regret is Real, Even If the Media Tell You Otherwise

2. Media Coverage of the Producer of the Planned Parenthood Videos and a Transgendered Muslim – Julia Duin, 8/6/15

duinJulia Duin of GetReligion.org


2. Bruce Jenner and Traditional Gender Norms – Daniel Davis, 6/3/15

DavisDaniel Davis of Townhall Media

“Bruce Jenner’s Transformation Is a Lose-Lose for Liberal Ideology” by Daniel Davis

2. Ethical Concerns over In Vitro Fertilization and Gender Dysphoria – Pr. Scott Stiegemeyer, 4/29/15

stiegemeyerPr. Scott Stiegemeyer of Redeemer Lutheran-Elmhurst, IL

The Crux of the Matter
Christ and Culture