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3. Male, Female and Gender Confusion – Pr. Scott Stiegemeyer, 9/23/15

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.27.15 PM Pr. Scott Stiegemeyer of Concordia University-
Irvine, CA

The Crux of the Matter
Christ and Culture

1. A Recent PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly Story on “Transgendered People and Theology” – Pr. Thomas Eckstein, 10/24/14

Pastor Thomas Eckstein of Concordia Lutheran-Jamestown, ND

“Bearing Their Burden: Speaking the Truth in Love to People Burdened by Homosexuality” by Tom Eckstein

2. Open Lines: Bishop Gene Robinson’s Speech to a Pro-LGBT Church Group, 7/10/12

Audio Open Lines