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2044. Does Secularization Spur Economic Growth? – Dr. Alvin Schmidt, 7/23/18

schmidtDr. Alvin Schmidt of Illinois College

How Christianity Changed the World

1662. Progessivism as a Religion in the Masterpiece Cakeshop Case – Dr. Russell Dawn, 6/15/18

Dr. Russell Dawn of Concordia University-Irvine, CA

1402. Emperor Constantine and His Mother Helena – Dr. Bill Weinrich, 5/21/18

weinrichDr. Bill Weinrich of Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN

John 1:1-7:1 – Concordia Commentary

3. The Rise of State Religion – Joel Kotkin, 7/5/16

kotkinJoel Kotkin of Chapman University


California’s State Religion

2. The “Call-Out” Culture and Feminism & the Book, “Unfinished Business” – Suzanne Venker, 10/20/15

venkerSuzanne Venker, author
of “The Flip Side of Feminism”


Williams College dropped me from its ‘Uncomfortable Learning’ speaker series. Why?
The Two-Income Trap: Why Parents Are Choosing To Stay Home
The War on Men
The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know — and Men Can’t Say

3. The Intolerance of Contemporary Tolerance – Greg Koukl, 4/22/15

kouklGreg Koukl of Stand to Reason


Stand to Reason

2. A New York Times Column Says, “Church Leaders Must Be Made to Take Homosexuality Off the Sin List” – Rod Dreher, 4/7/15

dreherRod Dreher of The American Conservative


The American Conservative

3. A TIME Magazine Column by Richard Dawkins on Atheism and Morality – Ken Samples, 10/1/14

SamplesKen Samples of Reasons to Believe


Reasons to Believe
“Christian Endgame: Careful Thinking about the End Times” by Ken Samples
“7 Truths that Changed the World” by Ken Samples
“A World of Difference: Putting Christian Truth-Claims to the Worldview Test” by Ken Samples
“Without a Doubt: Answering the 20 Toughest Faith Questions” by Ken Samples

1. Religious Liberty – Os Guinness, 1/20/14

GuinnessOs Guinness of the Trinity Forum


“The Global Public Square: Religious Freedom and the Making of a World Safe for Diversity” by Os Guinness

4. Secular Progressive Closed-Mindedness – Dr. Frank Beckwith, 1/17/14

Dr. Frank Beckwith of Baylor University


“The Closing of the Secular Progressive Mind” by Frank Beckwith
“Politics for Christians: Statecraft as Soulcraft” by Frank Beckwith

2. A&E’s Suspension of Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” for Comments on Homosexuality – Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 12/19/13

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway of The Federalist


“Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Knew Exactly What He was Doing” by Mollie Ziegler Hemingway

3. The Intolerance of Tolerance – Dr. D.A. Carson, 3/22/2012

Dr. D.A. Carson of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


“The Intolerance of Tolerance” by D.A. Carson

Deconstructing Liberal Tolerance, with Dr. Frank Beckwith, 11/22/2011

Dr. Frank Beckwith of Baylor University


“Politics for Christians: Statecraft as Soulcraft” by Frank Beckwith

The Intolerance of the Gay Rights Movement
and a Settlement over Same-Sex Prom Dates

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute



IE_CampbellThe New Hate Crimes Law & The Dictatorship of Relativism

Colleen Carroll Campbell of the Ethics and Public Policy Center




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