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1862. The Declaration of Independence – Dr. Mark Kalthoff, 7/5/18

Dr. Mark Kalthoff
of Hillsdale College

1731. Responding to an Article in the Wisconsin Muslim Journal, “Thomas Jefferson and Islam as an American Religion” – Dr. Alvin Schmidt, 6/22/18

schmidtDr. Alvin Schmidt of Illinois College

Great Divide: Failure of Islam and Triumph of the West

0322. Thomas Jefferson and the Quran – Dr. Alvin Schmidt, 2/1/18

schmidtDr. Alvin Schmidt of
Illinois College

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cults, Sects, and World Religions: Revised and Updated Edition

1851. The French Revolution v. The American Revolution – Dr. Bradley Birzer, 7/4/17

Dr. Bradley Birzer of Hillsdale College

Russell Kirk: American Conservative

1. The Scholarship of David Barton of Wallbuilders – Dr. Michael Coulter, 8/20/12

Dr. Michael Coulter of Grove City College

“Getting Jefferson Right: Fact Checking Claims About Our Third President” by Michael Coulter & Warren Throckmorton