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2363. This Week in Pop-American Christianity: Solar Eclipse Predictions – Pr. Chris Rosebrough, 8/25/17

rosebroughPr. Chris Rosebrough
of Fighting for the Faith

Fighting for the Faith

2331. Religious Explanations of a Total Solar Eclipse – Ken Samples, 8/22/17

Samples1Ken Samples of Reasons to Believe

Reasons to Believe
God among Sages: Why Jesus Is Not Just Another Religious Leader
A World of Difference: Putting Christian Truth-Claims to the Worldview Test (Reasons to Believe)

2262. Was Jesus Crucified During a Solar Eclipse? – Dr. Paul Maier, 8/14/17

maierDr. Paul Maier of Western Michigan University

The Constantine Codex (Skeleton Series)
In the Fullness of Time: A Historian Looks at Christmas, Easter, and the Early Church