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3232. Diversity Ideology in American Universities – Heather Mac Donald, 11/19/18

Heather Mac Donald of The Manhattan Institute

The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture

2041. Planned Parenthood, the #MeToo Movement and Sexual Abuse – Patrina Mosley, 7/23/18

Patrina Mosley of the Family Research Council

The Family Research Council
Patrina Mosley’s Columns at The Federalist

1502. The #MeToo Movement and the Southern Baptist Convention – Terry Mattingly, 5/30/18

Terry Mattingly of the Universal Syndicate

Pop Goes Religion: Faith in Popular Culture

1992. Sexual Assault on Campus and the Presumption of Innocence – Joy Pullmann, 7/18/17

Joy Pullmann, author of “The Education Invasion”

Joy Pullmann’s Columns at The Federalist
The Education Invasion: How Common Core Fights Parents for Control of American Kids

3. Abortion and Rape – Rebecca Kiessling, 1/25/13

kiesslingRebecca Kiessling, author, “Conceived in Rape: A Story of Hope”

1. Media Coverage of an Indiana Senate Candidate’s Comments about Rape and Abortion – Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 10/25/12

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway of GetReligion.org


4. Abortion Exceptions for Rape, Incest and the Life of the Mother – Jay Watts, 8/21/12

Jay Watts of Life Training Institute

Life Training Institute
“The Case for Life” by Scott Klusendorf

1. Rape and Abortion – Rebecca Kiessling, 8/21/12

Rebecca Kiessling, Author  ”Conceived in Rape: A Story of Hope”

4. Your Reaction to MO Senate Candidate Todd Akin’s Remarks on Rape and Abortion, 8/20/12

Audio Open Lines