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0573. A New York Times Opinion Column “Why the Priesthood Needs Women” – Dr. Peter Scaer, 2/26/19

scaerDr. Peter Scaer of Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN

Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne

2541. The History of Priestly Celebacy, Part 1 – Dr. James Bushur, 9/11/18

bushurDr. James Bushur of Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN

4. Media Coverage of the Shortage of Roman Catholic Priests – Terry Mattingly, 6/24/14

Terry Mattingly of Scripps Howard News Service

“Pop Goes Religion” by Terry Mattingly

2. The Role of Women in Mormonism – Bill McKeever, 10/15/13

Bill McKeever of Mormonism Research Ministry

“Answering Mormon Questions” by Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson
Mormonism Research Ministry
“Mormonism 101” by Bill McKeever

2. The Priesthood in the Book of Hebrews – Dr. John Kleinig, 2/27/13

kleinigDr. John Kleinig of Australian Lutheran Seminary