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3. Responding to Liberal Proof Texts: Do Luke 6:20 & 7:22 Teach Liberation Theology? – Dr. Peter Scaer, 4/12/16

scaerDr. Peter Scaer of Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN

Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne

3. Christianity and Poverty – Pr. Steve Schave, 7/18/14

schavePr. Steve Schave, Director of Urban and Inner City Mission for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Urban and Inner City Mission

2. Christianity and Capitalism – Colleen Carroll Campbell, 6/30/14

ColleenatChristendomCrop1Colleen Carroll Campbell

“It’s Possible to Balance Beliefs and Aspirations” by Colleen Carroll Campbell

3. More Than Half the Pregnancies Among Black Women in New York City End in Abortion – Ayesha Kreutz, 2/28/14

ayeshaAyesha Kreutz of the Frederick Douglass Foundation

The Frederick Douglass Foundation


2. A New Study of Marriage and Poverty – Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, 1/14/14

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute

The Ruth Institute
Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse’s Blog

Healing the 21st Century Family Retreat

5. The 50th Anniversary of The War on Poverty and Its Effect on the Church’s Mercy Work- Pr. Larry Beane, 1/9/14

beanePr. Larry Beane of Salem Lutheran-Gretna, LA

Wittenberg Academy