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0111. Lutheran Piety: Listening to the Word of God – Pr. Will Weedon, 1/11/18

Pr. Will Weedon, Director of Worship for the LCMS

Thank, Praise, Serve and Obey: Discover the Joys of Piety

1. Biblical Womanhood, Part 3: Personal Piety – Rebekah Curtis and Rose Adle, 5/28/15

curtisadleRebekah Curtis and Rose Adle, Coauthors, “Ladylike: Living


“Ladylike: Living Biblically” by Rose Adle and Rebekah Curtis
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2. Pietism – Pr. David Miller, 8/29/14

millerPr. David Miller of Ascension Lutheran-Atlanta, GA


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3. The Danger of Rejecting Lenten Practices – Pr. Todd Peperkorn, 3/6/14

peperkornPastor Todd Peperkorn of Holy Cross Lutheran-Rocklin, CA


“Why Lent Should Matter to Everyone” by Todd Peperkorn
Download “I Trust When Dark My Road” by Todd Peperkorn

Christian Piety

Pastor Heath Curtis of Trinity Lutheran-Worden, IL


“Daily Divine Service Book” by Heath Curtis (hardback)
“Daily Divine Service Book” by Heath Curtis (paperback)
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Gottesdienst Online
Download a PDF of “Things Christians Say (but shouldn’t)” by Todd Wilken