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2. Responding to Liberal Proof Texts: Were Aquila and Pricilla a Ministry Team, Was Phoebe an Evangelist? – Dr. Michael Middendorf, 3/15/16

middendorfDr. Michael Middendorf of Concordia University Irvine

Concordia Commentary: Romans 1-8

1. Lydia, Dorcas and Phoebe – Dr. Michael Middendorf, 10/25/13

Dr. Michael Middendorf of Concordia University Irvine

“Concordia Commentary: Romans 1-8” by Mike Middendorf

1. Dorcas, Lydia and Phoebe – Dr. Robert Sorensen, 10/24/12

Dr. Robert Sorensen of Concordia University Chicago

3. Phoebe and Deaconesses in the Church – Deaconess Cynthia Lumley, 4/13/2012

Deaconess Cynthia Lumley of Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN

Deaconess Studies at Concordia Theological Seminary
“Women Pastors?: The Ordination of Women in Biblical Lutheran Perspective”