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0512. Finding Our Neighbor – Pr. Robert Zagore, 2/20/19

Pr. Robert Zagore of the Office of National Mission for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

LCMS Office of National Mission
The Lutheran Witness

0573. Family, Neighborhood, the State and Mass Shootings – Pr. Hans Fiene, 2/26/18

Pr. Hans Fiene of River of Life Lutheran-Channahon, IL

To Prevent School Shootings, We All Need To Get Into Our Neighborhoods

1. Looking Forward to Sunday Morning (One Year Lectionary) Trinity 13 – Pr. David Petersen, 8/25/15

petersenPastor David Petersen of Redeemer Lutheran-Ft.Wayne, IN

God With Us
Gottesdienst: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgy

1. Serving Our Neighbors – Pr. Heath Curtis, 3/25/15

curtisPr. Heath Curtis of Trinity Lutheran-Worden, IL

“Daily Divine Service Book” by Heath Curtis (hardback)
“Daily Divine Service Book” by Heath Curtis (paperback)
All Daily Divine Service Book Volumes
“Ordering Our Days in His Peace: An Introduction to the Christian Church Year” by Heath Curtis

2. The Vocation of Friend – Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller, 2/19/13

Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller of Hope Lutheran-Aurora, CO

“The Vocation of Friend” by Bryan Wolfmueller