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3442. Purity Culture vs. Chastity Culture – Matthew Cochran, 12/10/18

Matthew Cochran, author, “The 96th Thesis”

The 96th Thesis
Yes, Evangelical ‘Abstinence Culture’ Is A Bust, But The Answer Isn’t A Sexual Free-For-All

2601. The Recent Youth Gathering for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – Dr. Robert Benne, 9/17/18

Dr. Robert Benne of the Center for Religion and Society at Roanoke College

ELCA Hits Bottom

2652. Media Coverage of a Liberal Response to “The Nashville Statement on Sexuality” – Terry Mattingly, 9/22/17

tmattTerry Mattingly of
the Universal Syndicate

Pop Goes Religion: Faith in Popular Culture

3. Historic Lutheranism and 20th Century Lutheranism – Pr. Christopher Jackson, 9/10/15

jacksonPr. Christopher Jackson of St. John Lutheran-Algoma, WI

First Things: Losing Luther

4. The Theology of Nadia Bolz-Weber – Chris Rosebrough, 11/6/13

rosebroughChris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith

Fighting for the Faith