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0933. Progressives’ Reaction to Vice President Mike Pence’s Comments on Marital Fidelity – Pr. Hans Fiene, 4/3/17

Pr. Hans Fiene of River of Life Lutheran-Channahon, IL

The Left Hates Mike Pence For Loving His Wife Because They Don’t Really Think Men Can Be Evil
Lutheran Satire

2951. Roe v. Wade and the Under-Regulated Abortion Industry – Clarke Forsythe, 10/21/16

forsytheClarke Forsythe of
Americans United for Life

Americans United for Life

2811. An Update on the November Elections – Mark and Mollie Hemingway, 10/7/16

molliehemingwayMollie Hemingway
of The Federalist
Mark Hemingway
of The Weekly

Mollie Hemingway’s Federalist Articles
Mark Hemingway’s Columns

2791. The Vice Presidential Debate – Mark Hemingway, 10/5/16

hemingwayMark Hemingway
of The Weekly

Mark Hemingway’s Columns

1. Vice Presidential Candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence & Roman Catholicism – Father Robert Sirico, 7/29/16

siricoFather Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute

The Catholic Paths for Pence and Kaine

1. Media Use of the Term “Evangelical Catholic” – Terry Mattingly, 7/21/16

tmattTerry Mattingly of
the Universal Syndicate

Pop Goes Religion: Faith in Popular Culture

1. Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential Pick, Indiana Governor Mike Pence – Mark Hemingway, 7/15/16

hemingawayMark Hemingway of The Weekly Standard

Mark Hemingway’s Columns