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2002. A Millionaire Gay Activist Targets Religious Liberty Laws – Bre Payton, 7/19/17

Bre Payton of The Federalist


Ultra-Rich Gay Activist On Targeting Christians: It’s Time To “Punish The Wicked

1953. Homosexuality and Christianity – Glenn Stanton, 7/14/17

stantonGlenn Stanton of
Focus on the Family


Christianity Doesn’t Endorse Homosexuality, No Matter What Eugene Peterson And Jim Gaffigan Imply

0522. Attempts to Eliminate the Differences Between Male and Female – Ashley McGuire, 2/21/17

Ashley McGuire, author, “Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female”


Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female

3491. Are Social Progressives Anti-Science on Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage? – Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, 12/14/16

morseDr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute


The Sexual Revolution and Its Victims
The Ruth Institute
Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse’s Blog

2583. The Lifestyle Left and Christian Dissent – Andrew Walker, 9/14/16

walkerAndrew Walker of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention


The Left Needs To Call Off Its Radical Fringe Bent On Destroying Christians

2571. A Statement by Democratic VP Candidate Tim Kaine about Genesis 1 and LGBTQ Diversity – Dr. David Adams, 9/13/16

adamsDr. David Adams of Concordia
Seminary-St. Louis, MO


2. Cultural Parasites – Pr. Hans Fiene, 6/21/16

fienePr. Hans Fiene of River
of Life Lutheran-Channahon, IL


The Rise of Cultural Parasites
Lutheran Satire

2. Homophobia and the Orlando Shootings – Daniel Payne, 6/14/16

payneDaniel Payne of The Federalist


The Orlando Attack is What Actual Homophobia Looks Like

2. Hillary Clinton’s Address to the Human Rights Campaign – Dr. John Eastman, 10/6/15

eastmanDr. John Eastman of the National Organization for Marriage


The National Organization for Marriage

2. Bruce Jenner and Traditional Gender Norms – Daniel Davis, 6/3/15

DavisDaniel Davis of Townhall Media


“Bruce Jenner’s Transformation Is a Lose-Lose for Liberal Ideology” by Daniel Davis

2. Transgendered Issues – Pr. Thomas Eckstein, 5/29/13

Pastor Thomas Eckstein of Concordia Lutheran-Jamestown, ND


“Bearing Their Burden: Speaking the Truth in Love to People Burdened by Homosexuality” by Tom Eckstein