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3474. The Cost of, and Support for Women’s Federal Paid Leave – Joy Pullmann, 12/13/18

Joy Pullmann, author of “The Education Invasion”

Joy Pullmann’s Columns at The Federalist
The Education Invasion: How Common Core Fights Parents for Control of American Kids

2044. Does Secularization Spur Economic Growth? – Dr. Alvin Schmidt, 7/23/18

schmidtDr. Alvin Schmidt of Illinois College

How Christianity Changed the World

Encore: The Christian Influence on Labor and Economic Freedom – Dr. Alvin Schmidt, 9/7/15

schmidtDr. Alvin Schmidt of
Illinois College

Under the Influence: How Christianity Transformed Civilization

2. The Vocation of Employer and Employee – Pr. Peter Bender, 9/2/13

Pr. Peter Bender of Peace Lutheran-Sussex, WI

Human Labor & the Image of God, with Dr. T. David Gordon, 12/6/2011

Dr. T. David Gordon, author of “Why Johnny Can’t Preach”

“Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns” by T. David Gordon
“Why Johnny Can’t Preach” by T. David Gordon