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2602. Hurricane Florence Relief Efforts – Pr. Matt Harrison, 9/17/18

Harrison-webPr. Matthew Harrison, President of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

LCMS Disaster Recovery

2542. Natural Disasters and God’s Judgment – Pr. Paul Schlueter, 9/11/17

Pr. Paul Schlueter of St. Paul Lutheran-Milford Center, OH

No, Hurricane Harvey Was Not God’s Judgment On Texas

2494. An Update on Hurricane Harvey – Dr. Scott Murray, 9/6/17

Dr. Scott Murray of Memorial Lutheran-Houston, TX

Law, Life and the Living God

2392. Hurricane Harvey – Dr. Ross Johnson, 8/28/17

johnsonPr. Ross Johnson of
LCMS Disaster Relief

LCMS Disaster Relief

The Five Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Pastor Carlos Hernandez of LCMS World Relief and Human Care

LCMS World Relief and Human Care