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1053. Lutheran Catechesis: The First Article of the Creed, Creation, Part 1 – Pr. Peter Bender, 4/15/19

benderPeter Bender of Peace Lutheran-Sussex, WI

Concordia Catechetical Academy

1574. The Movie, “Alien: Covenant” – Pr. Ted Giese, 6/6/17

giesePr. Ted Giese of Mount
Olive Lutheran-Regina,

The Movie, “Alien: Covenant”

1303. Vatican Affirms Both Creation and the Big Bang – Dr. Danny Faulkner, 5/10/17

Dr. Danny Faulkner of Answers in Genesis

1. Luther’s Large Catechism: The Apostles’ Creed, First Article – Pr. Paul McCain, 7/24/15

McCainPastor Paul McCain of Concordia Publishing House

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions
The Online Book of Concord