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3. Millennials and Religion – Adriane Heins & Pr. Jonathan Fisk, 3/17/15

heinzfiskAdriane Heins of The Lutheran Witness and Pr. Jonathan Fisk of Worldview Everlasting


“Broken: 7 ‘Christian’ Rules Every Christian Ought to Break as Often as Possible” by Jonathan Fisk
Worldview Everlasting
The Lutheran Witness
“Hello, My Name is Single” by Adriane Dorr Heins

1. Living in the End Times: 1 Peter 4 – Prof. Jeffrey Pulse, 2/13/15

pulseProf. Jeffrey Pulse of Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne, IN


4. Engaging the Culture Faithfully – Dr. Harold Senkbeil, 11/25/14

Dr. Harold Senkbeil of Doxology


Doxology: The Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel

4. Where Can We Find the Church? – Pr. Steve Kieser, 9/8/14

kieserPr. Steve Kieser of Faith Lutheran-Plano, TX


Download the June/July issue of The Lutheran Witness Free

2. The Idol of Relevance in the Church – Pr. Larry Peters, 8/28/14

Pastor Larry Peters of Grace Lutheran-Clarksville, TN


“Pastoral Meanderings” by Larry Peters

4. Where Is the True Church? – Pr. Jeff Hemmer, 8/27/14

IE_HemmerPastor Jeff Hemmer of Bethany Lutheran-Fairview Heights, IL


Download the June/July issue of The Lutheran Witness Free

3. The Church and Her Mission – Dr. Scott Murray, 4/9/14

Dr. Scott Murray of Memorial Lutheran-Houston, TX


“Memorial Moments” by Scott Murray
Dying to Live Radio

3. Lutheran Missions – Pr. James May, 2/20/14

mayPastor James May of Lutherans in Africa


Making Disciples Conference

3. The Lord’s Supper as a Mark of the Church – Pr. Joel Baseley, 2/4/14

Pastor Joel Baseley of Emmanuel Lutheran-Dearborn, MI


Mark V Publications

4. The Christ-Centered Life: Go to Church – Pr. Heath Curtis, 11/1/13

Pr. Heath Curtis of Trinity Lutheran-Worden, IL


“5 Things You Can Do to Live a Jesus-Centered Life” by Heath Curtis
“Stewardship Under the Cross” by Heath Curtis
LCMS- Stewardship site

3. Secularism and Our Children – Shane Rosenthal, 9/6/13

Shane Rosenthal of “The White Horse Inn”


The White Horse Inn
Modern Reformation magazine
Friday Night Forum

3. God Sends the Holy Spirit: Acts 2:1-47 – Pr. Tom Baker, 8/19/13

Pastor Tom Baker of Law and Gospel


Growing in Christ
Law and Gospel with Tom Baker

3. Millennials and the Church – Brett McCracken, 7/31/13

Brett McCracken, author of “Hipster Christianity”


“Hipster Christianity: When Church and Cool Collide” by Brett McCracken
“How to Keep Millennials in the Church” by Brett McCracken

4. The Purpose of Singing in Church – Pr. Richard Futrell, 6/19/13

futrellPr. Richard Futrell of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran-Kimberling City, MO


“Why We Sing What We Sing in Church” by Richard Futrell

1. Responding to Reasons for Not Going to Church – Pr. David Petersen, 5/15/13

petersonPastor David Petersen of Redeemer Lutheran-Ft.Wayne, IN


“Thy Kingdom Come” by David Petersen
Gottesdienst: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgy

2. The Gift of Worship – Pr. Brady Finnnern, 4/23/13

finnernPr. Brady Finnern of Messiah Lutheran-Sartell, MN


3. The Juvenilization of Christianity – Dr. Thomas Bergler, 4/16/13

berglerDr. Thomas Bergler of Huntington University


“The Juvenilization of American Christianity” by Thomas Bergler

1. Order in the Church – Pr. Bill Cwirla, 4/15/13

Pastor Bill Cwirla of Holy Trinity Lutheran-Hacienda Heights, CA


The God Whisperers
Higher Things

2. Martin Luther on the Holy Spirit, the Church & Sanctification – Dr. Holger Sonntag, 4/4/13

Dr. Holger Sonntag of Lutheran Press


“Theology is Eminently Practical”

2. The Loss of Community – Pr. Larry Peters, 11/14/12

Pastor Larry Peters of Grace Lutheran-Clarksville, TN


“The Diminishing Sense of Community” by Larry Peters

2. Paying Taxes to Caesar, Matthew 22:15-22 – Pastors’ Roundtable, 11/8/12

Pr. Brian Holle of Messiah Lutheran-Lebanon, IL
Pr. Jim Roemke of Good Shepherd Lutheran-Middleville, MI


Lutheran Study Bible

2. The Trivialization of Abortion in American Politics & Church and State in Germany – Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto, 10/15/12

Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto of the League of Faithful Masks


League of Faithful Masks
The Center for Lutheran Theology and Public Life

4. The Church vs. the Parachurch – Dr. Michael Horton, 10/12/12

Dr. Mike Horton of The White Horse Inn


The White Horse Inn
Modern Reformation Magazine

2. Bored in Church – Pr. Jason Braaten, 10/3/12

Pastor Jason Braaten of  Immanuel Lutheran-Tuscola, IL