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3411. Fourth Century Bishop of Milan, Abrose in the Lutheran Confessions – Pr. Will Weedon, 12/7/17

Pr. Will Weedon, Director of Worship for the LCMS

Thank, Praise, Serve and Obey: Recover the Joys of Piety
A Brief Advent Devotion for the Family Table
Celebrating the Saints

2393. Fifth Century Bishop of Hippo, Augustine – Dr. David Maxwell, 8/28/17

Dr. David Maxwell of Concordia Seminary-St. Louis

3421. Fourth Century Bishop Ambrose of Milan – Pr. Joshua Hayes, 12/7/16

hayesPr. Joshua Hayes of University Lutheran Chapel-Boulder, CO

“Theological Commonplaces” by Johann Gerhard

3302. The Advent Hymn, “Savior of the Nations Come” – Dr. Ken Schurb, 11/25/16

schurbDr. Ken Schurb of Zion
Lutheran-Moberly, MO

6. Fourth Century Bishops Nicholas of Myra and Ambrose of Milan – Dr. Joel Elowsky, 12/4/15

Joel photoDr. Joel Elowsky of
Concordia Seminary-St. Louis

2. Fourth Century Bishop Nicholas of Myra and Bishop Ambrose of Milan – Dr. James Bushur, 12/5/14

Dr. James Bushur of Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN

1. Fourth Century Bishop of Milan Ambrose – Dr. Bill Weinrich, 12/5/13

Dr. Bill Weinrich of Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN

3. Fourth Century Bishop of Milan, Ambrose – Pr. Heath Curtis, 12/6/12

Pr. Heath Curtis of Trinity Lutheran-Worden, IL

“Daily Divine Service Book” by Heath Curtis (hardback)
“Daily Divine Service Book” by Heath Curtis (paperback)
All Daily Divine Service Book Volumes
“Ordering Our Days in His Peace: An Introduction to the Christian Church Year” by Heath Curtis

Saint Ambrose of Milan

Pastor David Jay Webber of Redeemer Lutheran Church-Scottsdale, AZ

Pastor David Jay Webber’s blog
“Ambrose of Milan: The Pastoral Doctor” by David Jay Webber

IE_beckwith2Ambrose of Milan

Dr. Carl Beckwith of Beeson Divinity School


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