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3441. Lutheran Catechesis: The Sixth Commandment and Joseph’s Chastity – Pr. Peter Bender, 12/10/18

bender Peter Bender of Peace Lutheran-Sussex, WI

Concordia Catechetical Academy

2631. The Lutheran Confessions: Luther’s Small Catechism, the Fifth and Sixth Commandments – Pr. Paul McCain, 9/21/18

Pastor Paul McCain of Concordia Publishing House

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions
The Online Book of Concord

2414. The Prophets and the Divine Tribunal: The Judgment Seat of God, Part 5 – Pr. Brian Kachelmeier, 8/30/18

SONY DSCPastor Brian Kachelmeier of Redeemer Lutheran-Los Alamos, NM

Redeemer Theological Academy

1374. A New York Times Piece “Is an Open Marriage a Happier Marriage” – Nicole King, 5/17/17

kingNicole King of The Family in America

The New York Times Endorses Adultery

0933. Progressives’ Reaction to Vice President Mike Pence’s Comments on Marital Fidelity – Pr. Hans Fiene, 4/3/17

Pr. Hans Fiene of River of Life Lutheran-Channahon, IL

The Left Hates Mike Pence For Loving His Wife Because They Don’t Really Think Men Can Be Evil
Lutheran Satire

3271. Teaching a Sunday Lesson: God Forgives David – Pr. Tom Baker, 11/22/16

bakerPastor Tom Baker
of Law and Gospel

Growing in Christ
Law and Gospel with Tom Baker

2. Listener Email and the Issues, Etc. Comment Line, 10/5/15

emailAudio Open Lines

3. Pornography and Adultery – Dr. Lucas Woodford, 9/2/15

woodfordPastor Lucas Woodford, author, “Great Commission, Great Confusion or Great Confession?”

Great Commission, Great Confusion or Great Confession?

1. Chastity – Dr. John Kleinig, 8/6/15

kleinigDr. John Kleinig of Australian Lutheran Seminary

Doxology’s “Finding Our Voice” Conference
Grace Upon Grace
The Concordia Commentary: Leviticus

2. Luther’s Large Catechism: The Sixth Commandment – Pr. Paul McCain, 5/25/15

McCainPastor Paul McCain of Concordia Publishing House

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions
The Online Book of Concord

1. Marriage, Sex, Family & Divorce – Pr. Bill Cwirla, 5/30/14

Pastor Bill Cwirla of Holy Trinity Lutheran-Hacienda Heights, CA

The God Whisperers

5. The Application of Old Testament Laws – Dr. John Kleinig, 5/11/2012

Dr. John Kleinig of Australian Lutheran College

“Concordia Commentary: Leviticus” by John Kleinig
“Concordia Commentary: Philemon” by John Nordling

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sexual Sins and Forgiveness

Pastor Walter Snyder, author of “Born Again Virgins”

Ask the Pastor

A New York Times Column, “Religion and Sex Quiz”

Dr. Joel Biermann of Concordia Seminary-St. Louis, MO


A Pastor Who Refuses to Bless Children of Unmarried Parents in Church

Audio Open Lines


Apparent Contradictions in the Bible:
Marriage of Siblings, and Did God Sanction Adultery?

Dr. David Adams of Concordia Seminary-St. Louis, MO


Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Commandment: You Shall Not Commit Adultery

Pastor Klemet Preus of Glory of Christ Lutheran-Plymouth, MN
Pastor Peter Kolb of Holy Cross Lutheran-Vandalia, IL
Pastor Mark Femmel of Zion Lutheran-Maryland Heights, MO


Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods’ Apology

Audio Open Lines