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2572. The Movie, “Crazy Rich Asians” – Pr. Ted Giese, 9/14/18

giesePr. Ted Giese of Mount Olive Lutheran-Regina, Saskatchewan

A Review of “Crazy Rich Asians”

2571. The TV Series “The Handmaid’s Tale” in an Abortion Age – Megan Almon, 9/14/18

Megan Almon of Life Training Institute

Life Training Institute

Issues, Etc. Soundbite of the Week, 9/14/18

Soundbite of the Week

1 Pr. David Petersen, Children and Divorce
2 Dr. Anthony Esolen, Western Civilization without Christianity
3 Pr. Hans Fiene, 9-11 and the Triumph of the Human Spirit
4 Pr. Clint Poppe, Does Cohabitation Prevent Divorce?

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2563. The Suppression of a Study on the Intelligence of Men and Women – Joy Pullmann, 9/13/18

Joy Pullmann, author of “The Education Invasion”

Joy Pullmann’s Columns at The Federalist
The Education Invasion: How Common Core Fights Parents for Control of American Kids

2562. The Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Roman Catholic Church – Dr. Anthony Esolen, 9/12/18

esolenDr. Anthony Esolen, author, “Out of the Ashes”

An Age of Indoor Cats
Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding American Culture

2561. Marriage: Understanding Marriage Christologically, continued – Pr. David Petersen, 9/13/18

Dr. David Petersen of Redeemer Lutheran-Ft. Wayne, IN


God With Us
Gottesdienst: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgy

2554. A Reform Plan for Islamic Institutions in France – Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, 9/12/18

montyDr. John Warwick Montgomery
of 1517 The Legacy Project

International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights
Other books by Dr. Montgomery
Always Be Ready: A Primer on Defending the Christian Faith

2553. Teaching a Sunday School Lesson: Joseph’s Troubles – Pr. Tom Baker, 9/12/18

Pr. Tom Baker of Law and Gospel

Growing in Christ
Law and Gospel with Tom Baker

2552. Remembering 9/11 through the Lens of Good Friday – Pr. Hans Fiene, 9/12/18

Pr. Hans Fiene of River of Life Lutheran-Channahon, IL

Lutheran Satire
Hans Fiene’s columns at The Federalist

2551. Media Coverage of Positive Religion Stories – Terry Mattingly, 9/12/18

Terry Mattingly of the Universal Syndicate

Pop Goes Religion: Faith in Popular Culture

Encore: Looking Forward to Sunday Morning (3-Year Lectionary): Pentecost Proper 19 – Dr. Carl Fickenscher, 9/12/18

fickenscher copyDr. Carl Fickenscher of Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN


Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne

Encore: Looking Forward to Sunday Morning: Trinity 16 (1-Year Lectionary) – Pr. David Petersen, 9/12/18

Dr. David Petersen of Redeemer Lutheran-Ft. Wayne, IN


God With Us
Gottesdienst: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgy

2544. Introduction to the Qur’an: Surah Nine – Dr. Adam Francisco, 9/11/18

franciscoDr. Adam Francisco of
Concordia University, Irvine, CA

Martin Luther and Islam: A Study in Sixteenth-Century Polemics and Apologetics (The History of Christian-Muslim Relations)

2542. Responding to a Slate Column, “The Judicial Assault on Roe v. Wade Has Begun” – Carol Tobias, 9/11/18

tobiasCarol Tobias, President of
National Right to Life

National Right to Life

2541. The History of Priestly Celebacy, Part 1 – Dr. James Bushur, 9/11/18

bushurDr. James Bushur of Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN

2533. Pastors and Their People, Applying the Bible to the Life of the Church: Cohabitation – Pr. Scott Adle & Pr. Clint Poppe, 9/10/18

Pr. Scott Adle of Good Shepherd Lutheran-Collinsville, IL
Pr. Clint Poppe of Good Shepherd Lutheran-Lincoln, NE

Second Thoughts about Living Together