Responding to Pro-Gay Theology

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A New Florida Revival

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The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit

Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller of Hope Lutheran Church-Aurora, CO

Media Coverage of Pope Benedict

Colleen Carroll Campbell of the Ethics and Public Policy Center

Scripture & Tradition

Dr. Cameron MacKenzie of Concordia Theological Seminary

Pastor’s Roundtable: The Feminization of Christianity

Rev. Wil Weedon of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church-Hamel, IL

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Abortion & Civil Rights

Father Richard John Neuhaus of First Things

Audio Open Lines: Fox News Interview with Dr. Richard Land on Evangelicals & Sen. McCain & NPR Story about the Presidential Candidates & Abortions

Audio Open Lines

Christian Zionism, Stupid Pastor Tricks

Mary Magdelene

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The New Atheists

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Stem Cell Tourism

Dr. Robert Scheidt of the Christian Medical Association

Pope Benedict’s Apology to the Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse

Helen Hull Hitchcock of Women for Faith and Family

Audio Open Lines: ABC News Segment on Statutory Limits for Civil Penalties of Clergy Sexual Abuse


Dr. Andrew Steinmann of Concordia University Chicago

Creation & Evolution

Dr. David Menton of Answers in Genesis

Doctrine & Practice

Rev. Klemet Preus Author of “The Fire and the Staff”

The Lambeth Conference

Bishop Keith Ackerman of Forward in Faith


Wesley Smith of The Discovery Institute


Dr. Adam Francisco of Concordia Theological Seminary

The Council of Ephesus

Dr. Richard Stuckwisch of Emmaus Lutheran Church-South Bend, IN

The Sanctity of Life in Christian History

Dennis Di Mauro Author of “A Love for Life”

Faith & Religion: A Double Standard

Colleen Carroll Campbell Ethics and Public Policy Center

The Beliefs & Practices of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Rob Bowman Author of “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and “Putting Jesus in His Place”

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