Vocation: God’s Will for Your Life

Dr. Steven Hein of the Concordia Institute for Christian Studies

The Jesus of Islam

Dr. Joseph Gudel Author of “Jesus and the Qur’an”

Church Bureaucracies

Rev. Bill Cwirla of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church-Hacienda Heights, CA

Media Coverage of Religion

M.Z. Hemingway of GetReligion.Org

Liberation Theology

Dr. H. Wayne House of Faith Seminary


Pastor Phil Zielinski of Concordia Theologica Seminary Fort Wayne, Indiana

America’s Obsession with Sports

Pastor Tom Chryst

A Stone Tablet Allegedly Describing a Resurrected Messiah

Dr. Ben Witherington

Teen Sex

Colleen Carroll-Campbell of the Ethics and Public Policy Center

Audio Open Lines

Todd responds to the listener comment line


Gretchen Passantino of Answers in Action

Biblical Interpretation

Dr. John Saleska of the Concordia Bible Institute

A Pre-New Testament Stone Tablet Allegedly Describing a Resurrected Messiah

Dr. Jeff Kloha of Concordia Seminary-St. Louis

Audio Open Lines – Christian License Plates, The Church of England Votes to Ordain Female Bishops

Next Week’s Meeting of Worlwide Anglican Leaders

Bishop Keith Ackerman of Forward in Faith

Defending the Pro-Life Position

Scott Klusendorf of Life Training Institute

Sermon Review

Joel Osteen’s Sermon “Tuning in to the Voice of Victory”

American Civil Religion

Dr. Ken Schurb of Zion Lutheran Church-Moberly, MO

Gay Marriage in California and the Right to Life as the Basis for All Human Rights

Dr. Robert George of Princeton University

The Military Chaplaincy

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Shaw

Is America a Christian Nation?

Dr. John Warwick Montgomery

The 2008 Presidential Candidates

Mark Hemingway of National Review

Two Kingdom Theology

Dr. Angus Menuge of the Cranach Institute

Open Lines

Todd and Jeff respond to the backlog of listener emails and calls.

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