Theology of Glory vs. Theology of the Cross

Dr. Steven Hein of the Concordia Instittute for Christian Studies


Pastor’s Roundtable: Father’s Instructing Their Children in the Faith & Male Leadership in the Church

Rev. Michael Walther of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church-Collinsville, IL

Rev. Warren Woerth of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church-Arnold, MO

Rev. David Dissen


AP Story on the Financial Dealings of Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Bob Liichow of Discernment Ministry International


The Book “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle

Rich Abanes Author of “A New Earth, An Old Deception”


Pastor’s Roundtable: The Feminization of Christianity

Rev. Wil Weedon of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church-Hamel, IL

Rev. Michael Kumm of Trinity Lutheran Church-Millstadt, IL

Rev. Tim Rossow of Bethany Lutheran Church-Naperville, IL


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