0223. Progressive vs. Classical Education: Method-Driven vs. Content-Driven – Dr. Thomas Korcok, 1/22/18

korcokDr. Thomas Korcok of
Concordia University Chicago

Lutheran Education: From Wittenberg to the Future

0222. Lutheran Piety: The Daily Prayers – Pr. Will Weedon, 1/22/18

Pr. Will Weedon, Director of Worship for the LCMS

Thank, Praise, Serve and Obey: Discover the Joys of Piety

0221. The Government Shutdown – Mollie and Mark Hemingway, 1/22/18

molliehemingwayMollie Hemingway
of Fox News
Mark Hemingway
of The Weekly

Mollie Hemingway’s Federalist Articles
Mark Hemingway’s Columns

Encore: Looking Forward to Sunday Morning: Septuagesima (1-Year Lectionary) – Pr. David Petersen, 1/22/18

petersenPastor David Petersen of Redeemer Lutheran-Ft.Wayne, IN

“God With Us” by David Petersen
Gottesdienst: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgy

Encore: Looking Forward to Sunday Morning: 4th Sunday After the Epiphany (3-Year Lectionary) – Dr. Carl Fickenscher, 1/22/18

fickenscher copyDr. Carl Fickenscher of
Concordia Theological
Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN


Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne

0194. Issues, Etc. Soundbite of the Week, 1/19/18

Soundbite of the Week

1 Suzanne Venker, What Men Await Women Who Postpone Marriage?
2 Pr. Tom Egger, Abraham Owned Only a Tomb in the Land
3 Terry Mattingly, What Works for Oprah and Her Audience?
4 Pr. Chris Rosebrough, Do I Need Modern-Day Prophecies?

0193. Ethical Thinking according to Christ Himself: Not All Ethics are Ethical – Dr. Gregory Schulz, 1/19/18

schulzDr. Gregory Schulz of Concordia
University Wisconsin

Kata Christon
The Problem of Suffering: A Father’s Hope

0192. Old Testament Matriarch Sarah – Pr. Tom Egger, 1/19/18

eggerProfessor Tom Egger
of Concordia Seminary
-St. Louis, MO

0191. The First Amendment, Title IX, Federal Funding and Christian Education – Dr. Carl Trueman, 1/19/18

Dr. Carl Trueman of Princeton University

Preparing for Winter

0183. The Lutheran Confessions: The Apology of the Augsburg Confession: Christ and Justification, Part 1 – Pr. Paul McCain, 1/18/18

McCainPastor Paul McCain of Concordia Publishing House


Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions
The Online Book of Concord

0182. An Article in The Atlantic, “The New Age of Astrology” – Marcia Montenegro, 1/18/18

Marcia Montenegro of Christian Answers for the New Age

Christian Answers for the New Age

0181. Oprah Winfrey and the Religiously Unaffiliated – Terry Mattingly, 1/18/18

tmattTerry Mattingly of
the Universal Syndicate


Pop Goes Religion: Faith in Popular Culture

0172. Luke’s Account of Peter’s Confession – Dr. Arthur Just, 1/17/18

justDr. Arthur Just of Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN


Heaven on Earth: The Gifts of Christ in the Divine Service
Concordia Commentary: Luke 1:1-9:50
Concordia Commentary: Luke 9:50-24:53

0171. Introducing the Books of the Bible: Exodus – Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller, 1/17/18

wolfyPastor Bryan Wolfmueller of Hope Lutheran-Aurora, CO

Everyone’s Luther: Prefaces to the Books of the Bible
Has American Christianity Failed?

0163. Teaching a Sunday School Lesson: Peter’s Escape from Prison – Pr. Tom Baker, 1/16/18

bakerPastor Tom Baker
of Law and Gospel

Growing in Christ
Law and Gospel with Tom Baker

Christ-Centered, Cross-Focused Talk Radio